LNER 0-6-0 J15 Class - LNER Pre 1948

LNER 0-6-0 J15 Class - LNER Pre 1948

Brand: Hornby Product Code: R3230


The Y14 Class locomotives, introduced by the GER first entered service in 1883 but were re-classified as JI5s after Grouping by the LNER and proved to be a very successful design mainly due to the simplicity of construction. So straightforward was the design that in 1913 the GER set the World record for erecting a steam engine in 9 hours and 45 minutes. The Class were also incredibly versatile as they could travel virtually anywhere on the GER due to their very low axle loading and even towards the end of their days the JI5 locomotives continued to be a valuable asset.

During The Great War 43 of the Class were sent to France and Belgium and all were returned, however one was eventually scrapped in 1920 due to the locomotive being damaged beyond repair. Later in 1922 a further 16 were withdrawn which marked the start of the end of the Class but even so those that remained continued to be used for freight as well as other duties including passenger services over the next several years.

By Nationalisation in 1948, 127 of the JI5 Class remained in service. These locomotives were mainly allocated to the East Anglia area and could be seen on shed at Stratford, March, Kings Lynn and Colchester, with only 71 remaining in service long enough for 60,000 to be added to their LNER number. As the 1950 decade proceeded so the withdrawal of the Class continued. By 1962 only I5 of the Class remained and by the 16th September of the same year the last remaining four were withdrawn.

Locomotive numbered 524 by the GER and which later became LNER 7524 in December 1925, was outshopped in October 1899 from Stratford and placed on shed at March. Over the locomotive's operational life, 7524 was based in other parts of the GER area including Cambridge and Peterborough East. Unfortunately, 7524 was withdrawn from service in March 1936 and it is believed that the locomotive was scrapped later that year.