Marklin My World Fire Department Starter Set


DETAILS Here comes the fire station and the water is being sprayed too! The fire department train comes hurtling around the curve with a loud "tatoo tataa" and you can start putting...

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Here comes the fire station and the water is being sprayed too! The fire department train comes hurtling around the curve with a loud "tatoo tataa" and you can start putting out the fire with the water spray. It's a good thing that your fire station train has the water tank right on board. The helicopter is already for use at the end of the train too – it can start immediately and lift off for a rescue.

The fire department train consists of a diesel locomotive, a container transport car (loaded with a 40-foot container), a water tank car, and a transport car with a helicopter onboard.


  • Operation is easy for children to handle, thanks to the infrared Märklin Power Control Stick
  • Quick setup with rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cable
  • Different sounds and lights included
  • Tank car with a water tank and manual water spray
  • Different loads included – plus a helicopter
  • Four (4) part train 59cm / 23¼" long
  • Train goes with the "Fire Department" theme world


The locomotive has a battery-powered drive and a magnetic coupler on the rear end. The motor, rechargeable battery, and all of the electronics are designed to be inaccessible for children.

The locomotive has 3 speed levels in both forward and reverse, 3 sound functions, and triple headlights that can be controlled with the Märklin Power Control Stick designed for children.

There are also:

  • The container transport car has sturdy containers designed for children
  • The containers can be opened and loaded
  • A permanent metal part in the containers enables them to be loaded magnetically, when this set is used with the MN72211 Freight Loading Station
  • The tank car has a manual water spray
  • Water can be filled in the water tank and can be operated with the manual water spray function
  • The transport car includes a helicopter as a load
  • The helicopter has manually operated rotating blades
  • The freight cars have magnetic couplers designed for children

The "Emma" locomotive has a removable roof so that the toy figures Jim and Lukas can ride along in the locomotive cab. The "Emma" locomotive comes in an enlarged version (not 1:87 scale) for running on H0 C Track. Jim, Lukas, and the small locomotive "Molly" are included as toy figures and provide great play value.


  • 12x sections of curved plastic track
  • 7x sections of straight plastic track (172mm / 6¾")
  • 5x sections of straight plastic track (188 mm / 713⁄32")
  • 2x sections of curved plastic track (turnout curve)
  • 1x left turnout
  • 1x right turnout
  • An easy-to-use wireless Märklin Power Control Stick
  • A USB charging cable for the locomotive and 2 each AAA batteries are included with this set
  • The train can be operated with 2 different frequencies thus allowing another battery-powered train to be operated with this set at the same time
  • This set can be expanded with the MN23300 plastic track extension set
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